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How to Summon

In order to summon a white phantom to your aid in your fight you must go to a bonfire and reverse hollowing (i.e become alive) first. Once human you will see white and gold summon script markers on the floor. Sometimes these are in front of the bonfire, sometimes these are in front of the white light right before a boss. The white phantoms you summon are other hollow players or occasionally an NPC.

Note: White phantoms you summon cannot heal. The alive player must drink from Estus flask to heal your phantoms.

Requirements to summon another player

  1. You must become alive
  2. The area boss most still be alive

How To summon a white phantom:

  1. Walk over to the marker
  2. Hit the activate button

How to be Summoned

In order to be summoned as a white phantom must have a white soapstone. You can be summoned while you are alive or hollow. For the best chance of being summoned as a phantom leave your script on the ground near the white light before a boss encounter. If you help an alive player defeat the area boss you will gain souls and humanity. You can wander around the general area while you are waiting to be summoned.

To be summoned as a white phantom

  1. Switch to your white soapstone
  2. Hit the activate button. You will see a white script on the ground, indicating you are waiting to be summoned.

Summoning Guidance from Namco Bandai[1]

The host (person who's game world will be used) must be human. The client (person joining the game) can either be human or undead.

The client’s level must fall within 10% (above or below) of the host’s level. Generally, this example formula should give you a good idea on whether you will be able to join: (LC x 1.1) ≥ LH ≥ (LC x 0.9), where is LC the level of the client and LH is the level of the host. For example, if the level of the host is 20, then they will only be able to summon players who are levels 18 to 22.

The area boss (Taurus Demon, Bell Gargoyles, Moonlight Butterfly, etc…) in the host’s world must still be alive. A client can still be summoned even if the client has already defeated their own area boss.

The host must not have placed down a summoning sign. Summoning signs from other players will not appear in a host’s world if the host also has placed a summoning sign down. This is to prevent a network conflict of the host joining someone else's game world while the clients are trying to join the host's game world.

After successfully summoning, the client will return to their world if the area boss is defeated, the client is killed or the host is killed.

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